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Writing this review brings a tear to my eye…..tears of joy!
Having zero dance experience, I have been welcomed with open arms… a beginner you feel nurtured to grow on your quest to learn. Inadequate feelings are slowly stripped away by Jo & Regi’s humour & warmth.
Persistent buggers too! They’ll never give up on the group until we have ‘nailed it’.
The best dance teaches I could have ever wished for!!!!!
*Expertise Extraordinars!
– JACKIE HUNTER, December 21, 2016

I first met Jo-Anne when I showed up for a Salsa/Samba boot camp a couple of years ago. I had no dance experience and 2 left feet. Jo-Anne was so welcoming, patient and supportive that I never felt out of place.

I started Rueda de Casino classes with Jo-Anne and Reginer this year and felt exactly the same. Reginer and Jo-Anne break things down into easy steps that will have you up and dancing on the first night.

The classes are so much fun and the cameraderie is sensational. The magic of Mivida and Ruede makes just one big family.

If you want to learn to dance, Mivida + Cuban Salsa (Rueda de Casino) is the best way to start.
– JOHN HUNT, December 15, 2016

Absolutely love these classes. Have learnt so much as I have never danced Cuban Salsa before. Joanne and Reggie our instructors are very patient, experienced and make learning fun. Have thoroughly enjoyed dancing with the other students and have made lots of new friends. You don’t even need a partner! Very highly recommended. Will be back in 2017, can’t wait 💃💃😃😃😃😃
LYNNE ROSE, December 15, 2016

How lucky am I to have found such an amazing group of people with whom to share my love of life, dance and music 🙂 (and food and drink…) Jo Anne Zamora Gante you simply rock 😘 Phoebe Gage I am never letting you make tequila cocktails again… 😂 Stephanie Scott I’ll see you next year for some Samba booty shaking. You girls rock. Regnier Alexander Guzmán Silva your salsa moves got too complicated I might have to get back to basics next year… Harvee Pene you need to move your business to rainbow bay so we can come visit! Have a beautiful Xmas and NY if I don’t see you before then.

  • LILIA BERNEDE, December 18, 2016

I never thought of myself as a dancer but after the first night I was hooked! The salsa classes are so much fun and are full of awesome people. Highly recommend for anyone to check out!

-SHAY SPENCE, December 14, 2016 

I have taken a few dance courses with Mivida and have been very happy. Jo Anne and her team are excellent teachers and mentors. I’ve had a lot of fun and built high-quality relationships with my classmates in the process. This community has such an amazing vibe and it has helped me build up my dance skills and overall self-confidence. I highly recommend this dance school and community. Come out and give it a try. Jo Anne and her team will instantly make you feel right at home
– VICTORIANO DE JESUS, October 12, 2016

Classes with Mivida Movement are fantastic! Jo is a great teacher who knows how to make the students feel confident to achieve progress in their dancing skills. This is because the classes are fun as well! Whether it’s Salsaton, Samba or Salsa we always leave with a smile in our faces and with great energy! People attending the classes with Mivida Movement are generally kind and fun to be with! And… very multicultural! Would definetely recommend anyone interested in dancing and culture to attend a class with Jo Anne!

– CARLA LAGUARDIA, July 8, 2016

Dancing with Mivida for over a year now and dancing with Jo Anne has been an amazing experience from beginner classes to community preformances. Her wide knowledge and passion for samba no pé and Brazilian culture and dance of all forms (salsa, salsaton, samba) is brilliant. Jo Anne is great at what she does catering for all skill levels, from beginners classes or for those that wish to progress their samba techniques/form/preformance/fitness. Mivida not only fun but has a great supportive community vibe. Highly recommend!!
– JINKY SHARP, July 23, 2016

Omg that is the most fun class I have had in a long time. Jo, you are amazing. Your wonderful, happy attitude and smiling face is what does it. That’s the most relaxed and comfortable I have felt in a long time. Good vibes, great venue, great music. All I can say is thank you. Even all the other students are super friendly. So fun. Hope I can keep coming back more and more. Love it.
– DIANA DEE VIG, July 14, 2016